Frontend Lead Developer

Dare to fail…

At Fictive Reality we do not only believe in failure, we facilitate failure. Through the power of VR, AI and role-play we create fail-forward cultures, and in this journey we need fantastic user experience, and that’s where you come in…?

We are looking for the rebel that will build our frontend for both web as well as VR and mobiles. A visionary creator with skills to build and develop highly intuitive UIs, a passion for delighting the user and the guts and ability to go outside the normal frames.


  • Value freedom more than safety

  • Love to build

  • Two ears one mouth

  • An unsung hero

  • Entrepreneurial dreams

We offer

  • Autonomy

  • Stock options

  • Remote friendly

  • Family driven culture 

  • An opportunity to have an impact

  • Barista license (no joke) 

  • Additionally, full salary transparency, employee stock options, excursions, meditation, siesta, yearly international conference, bbq, melon-in-the-park and so forth. And of course a rigorous and strange recruitment process.  

Your experience

  • Have developed modern web frontends in React, Vue or similar framework, using tooling such as Webpack, automated testing and Git

  • Optionally comfortable with cross-platform mobile app development, such as PhoneGap, ReactNative or Unity. Alternatively, you have developed app UIs in vendor specific platforms like Swift/iOS or Android Jetpack

  • Have a passion for User Experience, such as Design Thinking, prototyping, user research and journeys

  • Worked with VR and 3D graphics or at least have an interest.

  • An eye for good design and knows your way around graphic and design tools

  • Curious on new ways to represent complex data and patterns in the simplest way possible, you are not content with just generic UI components 

The role

You will be in control of building your own future as one of the key people in a new company. Your role will be to create frontends that delight educators, companies and staff. You will interact closely with the VR team and have a say in how that is designed, but you are not expected to be the VR-guru yourself. You will also interface to a backend team and API that gathers data and provides structured dialogues or machine learning models. Finally, you will help build the style and content for the company’s web and docs.

The frontend you create will not be an afterthought that is shaped by an existing backend and enterprise data model, but the other way around - you discover what the user needs, and the backend provides.

Your key success factor is the ability to build a UI that can tailor complex data to just the right amount for each type of user and needs, as well as the ability to create an experience and distinct feeling that spans VR, web and apps.

We are

An early start-up with a disruptive product, well-known clients and an experienced team set for high growth. Our vision is to make learning fun again by allowing people to fail. We are based out of Stockholm but welcome remote work. Read more about our team and culture.

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