Artificially Intelligent Sales Training in Virtual Reality


  •    enhances effectiveness and experience

  •    increases knowledge retention

  •    decreases costs

  •    HAS Multiple usage, recruitment, onboarding and retention

  •    And it´s fun, too!



A tailored game 

Whatever knowledge you have aquired as a sales organisation such as objection handling, case studies or product knowlege. It really doesn´t matter, all of it will be turned into your very own game. A game where you can onboard, develop and improve your sales skills. 

Immersive experience

Virtual Reality (VR) is not the future anymore. In 5-10 years your laptop will be obsolete, a pair of funky shades will suffice. Flight simulators have been around for decades. Sales training in VR will trigger your senses and build long term memory. You will master your skills. 


Performance reports, monthly or quarterly. You decide! Stacked with analytics but visualised with simple traffic lights. You will be in total control of your organisaitions knowledge base. You have the power to re-educate or boost knowledge skills at your fingertips.

Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember but involve me and I learn.
— Benjamin Franklin, The First American