The 4 most common challenges with sales training


Limited to Zero follow-UP

After learning on the job, a power point presentation is still the most common form of sales training. Roleplay, e-learning and coaching are other famous types of modern training, however. Even though these trainings are different they all share the same problem, they are short-term focused and very often lack a structured follow up. In other words 80% of the training is down the drain. Finding the right words when standing face-to-face with a client should not be a trip down memory lane. It must be instant. 



Plenty of knowledge within an organisation is tacit knowledge. It is the knowledge that are built into the walls, the intelligence of the organisation or the information that gets lost every single time a senior quits. This information is not easily gathered, nor is it easy to transfer due to restrictions such as time, teaching skills, location and so forth. Furthermore, onboarding new staff is time consuming since few companies have 0% employee turnover. All-in-all, it is a risk when tacit knowledge stay tacit and a lost opportunity when not utilised.


Non engaging

Ted talks and inpirational speakers have definitely made some of us better public speakers so its not all dark clouds. But trainings still tend to be lenghty endeveours with hard needed 'coffee breaks' to keep us motivated and focused. Maybe its our outdated schoolsystem that makes us fall into old habits of teaching. Telling and informing, instead of playfully learning which is done at younger ages. Why must education slowly turn into a sleeping pill? Same old thinking, same old results...


I am different

It is quite obvious that a senior sales rep demands different training than a junior sales rep. It is also obvious that each senior sales rep is different and demands different training. Furthermore, sales reps can be in different stages in their sales cycles and thereby also demand different training. Still, to often these very basic needs are not met.

Same same but different, or?