Entertaining training

Have you ever heard of Serious Games or gamification? A game with a primary purpose not to entertain but instead to make a task engaging. That is exactly what Fictive Reality does for corporate training. In a gamified context the inherent gratification would keep you coming back for more. When an employee is motivated to learn, the efficiency of that learning goes way up. The best part is it all proven to have positive results on your training.

Learn by repeating & pausing

Spaced repetition is a learning technique for effective retention. By spacing repetition over a period of days, you will retain more in comparison to cramming the night before. Cramming is good for short-term retention but optimal training should yield long-term, almost like shaping your reflexes and intuition. Fictive Reality’s training allows employees to go back whenever their skills need a bit of a brush up, shaping skills to be durable.

Benefit from roleplaying

By engaging in role play you take an active part in conceiving the learning process. Participation is proven to improve critical thinking, especially in conjunction with facilitation techniques. Roleplaying develops hard as well as soft skills and displays a great advantage of being adaptive to any of your employee's training needs.

Fictive Reality’s training application grants you a tireless and customisable bot powered by AI technology which can simulate your specific dialogue scenario.

Develop soft skills to improve

The performance of a company is dependent on how well employees cooperate. Regular training in effective communication is therefore indispensable when it comes surpassing limits.Building pleasant scenarios with Fictive Reality is possible. But the stressful and provocative scenarios anyone would dread to face, is where most of the learning is gained. It is vital to know how to deal with conflict when it arises. Simulating these scenarios in Fictive Reality can, without straining relationships, enhance your organization's team work.

Recruitment assessment

It is paramount a recruiter assesses impartially. But social abilities are difficult to test for and human bias tends to vary. Fictive Reality takes care of this, as the application standardizes the assessment - giving all candidates a fair shot and you get a set of objective viewpoints. To save time and money, automate assessments for stress resilience, affability and much more. You as the recruiter will be given impartial results, graphs and numbers of every candidate by the end so you can make better decisions.

Virtual Reality Learning

If you decide to use Fictive Reality in VR then learning retention will be on a different level.

Since virtual reality displays induce a lifelike spatial and kinesthetic representation, the recall of that scenario is usually more lucid. You retain more when there are lifelike associations to recall, like spatial cues in VR or immersive sound, almost like IRL.

Learning shaped by knowledge

To be able to build the best educational tools you have to trust in what is proven to work, in the objective methods of science. Data has informed Fictive Reality in what constitutes effective learning.

The unique learning method of Fictive Reality fills in the gaps where the standardized education has a difficult time doing so. With novel digital means the learning method overcomes both high costs per person and limits set by physical restraints.

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